Yalla Pickup’s Year At A Glance

Since our launch in May 2016, we’ve grown in ways that we could never have imagine at the time of our inception. Whilst we undoubtedly had big dreams, big goals and an equally burning passion for our company and our concept, we most certainly never anticipated the welcome we’ve received. Needless to say, we’re thankful, and feel incredibly lucky to be able to contribute to the Dubai community in a positive way.


Yalla Pickup was kick-started with the simple aim of offering a helping hand to those who need daily assistance with transporting goods from one point to another. Over a year later, we can proudly state that our pickup services in dubai are unparalleled, unique, and come in extremely handy for thousands of satisfied clients. Be it for corporate or personal purposes, Yalla Pickup is on hand to ensure utmost convenience, supported all the way of course by our technologically dominant app.


We at Yalla Pickup are thankful for an eventful year, and we look forward to the next with enthusiasm. Here are some of our highlights, and thank you for being a part of our journey!



Founder and CEO of Yalla Pickup, Elie El Tom, recently attended this year’s Entrepreneurship Festival in Sharjah, where he shared stories about his journey as one of the Middle-East’s most prolific and rising entrepreneurs. With Yalla Pickup listed as one of the Arab world’s top 50 start-ups to watch out for, we’re fast ascending the business world, and have a lot more developments with regards to improved pickup services in dubai on the way.



We’re also proud to have been recently nominated for the Transport and Logistics award at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival. Our unique app has taken Dubai by storm, which is testimony to the time, effort and relentless dedication that went into its creation. The Yalla Pickup app is recognised for its user-friendliness, its efficiency, and of course its usefulness. We also consistently work on it on a daily basis, to ensure it always remains relevant.



Aside from Yalla Pickup being listed in Forbes’ top 50 start-ups to watch in the Arab world for its pickup services in dubai, we also took the same title at the GITEX Technology Week. As the Middle-East and Africa’s largest confluence of global tech entrepreneurs, the event is an expansive one, where a large number of businesspeople gather to discuss and share ideas on technology. Yalla Pickup was honoured and humbled to be a part of this, especially mingling with industry greats who offered invaluable input all round.