Why Yalla Pickup Is Your Ideal Moving Partner

Hello there! We’re pleased to introduce ourselves, Yalla Pickup, pioneers in moving and shifting, no matter where you’re moving to. Since our inception, it’s been our unwavering goal to deliver seamless moving services consistently, so as to ease the burden of shifting as much as possible. We’re pleased and proud to say that despite being a fairly new introduction to Dubai, we’ve been able to make a mark out there as a prominent and dependable moving company in the U.A.E.

Yalla Pickup was set up to fill the gap left by the absence of such a moving company in the first place. We found that in a city as busy as Dubai, this was actually quite a significant problem, one that needed rectifying as soon as possible. Hence, Yalla Pickup a company dedicated to moving services in dubai was born. Here are a few reasons as to why we’ve made an impression out there, and why we’re highly sought after for our services.



Though robots haven’t yet made an appearance at our office yet, we’re certainly technologically inventive around here. In fact, we’re heavily invested when it comes to remaining updated on latest technological developments and introducing them when and where possible. As it stands, we’ve got a highly efficient app that pretty much dictates our operations around here. And that’s because we understand that people nowadays don’t have a lot of time, and are therefore looking for the shortest route. Our app allows you to not only book our moving services in dubai on a day and time of your choice, but will also show you which vehicles are available so you can take your pick.



This brings us to our next point; the fact that customers are basically in control when opting to go with Yalla Pickup. You can specify the size of the truck you want to hire, state where you need to picked up from and dropped off at, as well as opt for immediate pickup if at all you need it. Yalla pickup was set up bearing the customer in mind completely, so we’ve gone out of our way to ensure our services are aligned accordingly. By allowing the customer to control as much of the process as possible, we’re allowing them greater flexibility which is important as we progress through the 21st century.



We’ve thought of our corporate clients too. We understand that moving your business from place to place can be quite a frustrating experience, and we’ve decided to reduce this as much as possible. Along with our moving services in dubai, business can now track their transactions, check up their account history, generate invoices and analyse progress reports accordingly. So if for instance you need to extract details of your move earlier in the year, you can do so as we have all reports available for your convenience.

Aside from this, we also offer discounts regularly, so be sure to keep a lookout for our discounted rates to earn some savings while moving.