How Yalla Pickup Can Help With Your Office Move In 3 Simple Ways

Whether you’re on the hunt for reliable movers in dubai or anywhere else in the world, there’s definitely one thing everybody looks for without fail: reliability. Nobody likes the tedious process of moving, and whatever you can do to make life easier on yourself, you would. Though we’re comparatively new to the industry, we can say with some confidence that we’ve conducted a fair amount of market research and analytics to help us understand and grasp how things work in Dubai, along with what customers typically look for.


Needless to say, this has paid off quite well. Mainly because it allowed us to develop customer-oriented products that are focused on the needs of the Dubai community. We’ve taken into account their fast-paced lifestyles, their need for prompt and trusted services and of course utmost convenience. Because let’s face it, Dubai is one of the most energetic countries in the world and our services need to reflect that.

When setting up Yalla Pickup as a company offering moving services in dubai, we knew we had to introduce something with a difference. And so, after much deliberation and development, we put together the system we have now. Here, you’ll be able to see how it comes in handy for our corporate clients and their office relocations.


INSURANCE: Though both regular and corporate clients are assured of this facility, the latter finds it to be more of a relief and it’s easy to see why. After all, no company wants to sustain losses of any kind, and moving can be an easy way to damage precious company assets such as computers and other sensitive items. However, we’ve thought well ahead here and offer insurance not only on the goods we transport, but also on the vehicles that transport them.


PAYMENT FLEXIBILITY: Again, a facility that comes in mighty handy for corporates, particularly small businesses and startups. In fact, where startups are concerned, often they have very limited budgets and strict routines to stick to; plus, they most often rent their workspaces which means they have to move at some point. Which is why we introduced a flexible payment option, so that such companies can look forward to some relief. So if you’re a new entrepreneur, whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.


MOBILE APP: You can’t work as movers in dubai much less run a business these days without investing in a mobile app. In fact, mobile apps today are what websites were, say a decade ago. It’s the new must-have for any business, and for a company that offers relocation services like we do, an on-the-go app is essential. Today, customers are always moving; they’re incredibly busy people who try to tick at least 10 things off their list at a time. And we want to be reachable at all times. Instead of having to browse the website, they can with one tap access our services which to us, is the height of convenience.

Let us know what your moving needs are, and whether you’d need us to send along a few extra hands to help you out. We’ll make sure to cater to your requirements.