The Yalla Pickup App: Your Best Business Investment

We live in the Internet age, the digital age, the age of AI. No matter what you want to call it, it’s undeniable that the future is here, and humanity is greatly benefitting from technology as we speak. Having seeped into a multitude of industries effectively changing them for good, it was only a matter of time before the business world explored a plethora of new opportunities. Though websites were indeed a phenomenon upon introduction, mobile apps perhaps surpassed them as part of the digital era. With this change, Yalla Pickup was born.

Yalla Pickup was established with the goal of facilitating delivery and pickup services in dubai in a way that wasn’t done before. Our vision was to develop a system both efficiency and effective at the same time, across both personal and corporate use. Within a short span of time, we’ve been able to successful function as a vital tool in every business’ toolbox, and you’ll see why right here.



Once you sign up a business account with us, you have unrestricted access to our entire fleet system. In other words, you can browse through our driver information as well as vehicle types and details so you can pick a choice that’s best suited to you. We leave the complete choice upto you, by allowing you to tailor your pickup/ delivery service just the way you want. Schedule a time, date and place, even weeks in advance, and we will be there.



Businesses need to keep track of every single transaction that goes on within the company, and to make things easier, we’ve included a tracking system ourselves. You can now effortlessly keep tabs on all your transactions, allowing you to speed up productivity within the office as well. Close your accounts and complete payments on time, without letting information trail behind. Our pickup services in dubai have been designed to not only be effective, but also smart.



People are different, and some click better than others, which is why we’ve also left the power of choosing a driver upto you. There could be one who’s more in tune with you than others, making the whole process easier as a result. Our aim is to facilitate as much as possible, not just with a prominent app, but also with regards to the smallest details. We want you to be as comfortable as possible with the process, something we’ve established as one of the pillars in the foundation of our business.

If you’d like more information about our pickup services in dubai, do get in touch!