The Ultimate Checklist For Your House Move in Dubai

Are you moving to another house in Dubai? The act itself can be stressful, especially if you don’t have any idea how it works. Moving into another house requires a lot of things to be accomplished, so it’s best to come up with a checklist to help you keep track of your progress. Read through this blog to help you stay organised before and during the moving process.

Pick your movers and packers in Dubai.

Contact professional movers and packers in Dubai to get quotes and schedule a booking at least two weeks before your move date. Carefully compare the prices and services before you decide on which moving company will you hire.

Be sure to confirm your move a few days in advance to ensure that the pickup truck arrives at the most convenient time for you.

Switch utility services.

Reach out to your current water, gas, and telephone connections and inform regarding your move at least one week in advance. Likewise, make sure to contact providers for new connections to your new home.  

Secure a moving permit.

Some buildings in Dubai require tenants to get moving permits when moving in and moving out. This is to verify if all charges such as service fees have been properly settled. It’s best to coordinate with your landlord to make sure you have paid all balances to avoid delays in moving.

Make sure the movers and packers label everything.

Professional movers and packers in Dubai should label all your packages to make it easier for you to set up on your new place. If you would rather take valuable items yourself, then keep them in a separate area so that they don’t get mixed with your other belongings.

Throw out what’s no longer needed.

What’s good about moving is that you get to thoroughly check on the items that you no longer need. Throw out what’s no longer needed, but you can also earn extra by holding a small garage sale or by putting up your stuff for sale on classified sites.

Get your deposit back.

You should be getting your deposit back in full after you have moved out. If the house is back to its original condition, no charges should be withheld. To restore the house the hassle-free way, you can hire cleaners and painters.

Also, when you finally move to your new home, be sure to take photos of it so that you have a record of the condition you received the property in.

Work as a family and distribute tasks.

If you’re living with your whole family, the moving process can also be a way to have a quality bonding time. It’s best to involve your children in the process right from the start. For instance, distribute small tasks to them such as giving them a box to fill up with their toys and clothes. This way, not only do you teach them important values, but you also get to save some of your time and effort with the extra help you’ve got.

The best feeling is when you finally get to tick a check on this list as soon as you accomplish the tasks. Not only will you be able to monitor your progress, but your moving checklist can also help you oversee unexpected circumstances such as finding out there is still no Internet connection in your new home. Lastly, it’s always best to contact professional movers and packers to help you sort things out better.