Our Top 3 Reasons for Success

As the world collectively prepares for the end of yet another year, we’re forced to take a look at ourselves and the year we’ve had. And with the dawn of a new one right around the corner, as a company it’s necessary for us to evaluate and assess every branch of the business. At Yalla Pickup, this is a mandatory part of what we do, because how else would we know how to serve our customers better in the New Year?


On that note, we’ve come a long way with our specialised pickup services in dubai, and we’re most certainly looking forward to an even more exciting year ahead. With our Founder and CEO Elie El Tom leading the way, Yalla Pickup has undoubtedly flourished in leaps and bounds, with many significant achievements in 2017 alone including being listed as Forbes’ top 50 start-ups in the Arab world to watch out for.


We’re grateful for our successes so far, and we’d like to share a few of the things that have helped us boost our way into the forefront of the Middle-East’s start-ups.



The Yalla Pickup app undergoes continuous work, which allows us to offer convenient pickup services in dubai as a result. In fact, our app is at the core of what we do, and as such we invest a lot of resources in ensuring it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible at all times. Hence, it allows our customers to choose a vehicle of their choice, at a time and date of their choice to be taken to a location of their choice. This can all be done simply with a few clicks.



Our Founder, Elie El Tom is a trailblazer and visionary leader. His notion for Yalla Pickup has been an incredibly ambitious and confident one, strengthened by its success thus far. As such, Yalla Pickup too, as a whole shares Tom’s addictive enthusiasm, which spreads into every corner of the business. Our team of staff with their can-do attitude is an asset and the very foundation of the company, as they consistently brainstorming and work as a unit to ensure the best possible outcome at the end of the day.



The concept behind Yalla Pickup is testimony to our Founder’s vision and unique approach. The offering of pickup services in dubai is something that initially took a while to sink in with the public, but once they realised how useful these services proved to be, they saw that there was a lot of convenience to be enjoyed. Yalla Pickup was then soon noticed by other entrepreneurs and businesses, purely because of the element of difference we offered in terms of services. Today, it is important to be unique, not just better than others, and we believe we’ve accomplished that.