The Yalla Way

Welcome to Yalla Pickup, where all your stresses related to delivery and pickup services in dubai come to melt away. That’s right. With our pickup app especially catered towards the busy, modern-day Dubai resident, both individuals and businesses are finding improvements to their lifestyles as they are able to entrust their moving services to us. Complete with a highly functional, acutely developed app and a team of staff that continues to offer unwavering support, Yalla Pickup is poised to serve you even better in 2018.


One of the primary driving factors for this app was the need for convenience. We couldn’t help but notice how incredibly strapped for time we are, the Dubai community in particular, and decided that one small initiative could make a big difference. Thus began the journey of the development of this app, propelling us forward to 50 Top Start-ups to watch out for in Arab by Forbes in 2017. Some of the key features that helped us qualify on this list, are below.



In other words, we’ve given the power back to the people. Clients are at liberty to choose any size pickup truck they require, along with a date and time of their convenience. Not only that, we also allow them to choose their own drivers, so they may conduct the transaction with someone they’re very comfortable with. Plus when it comes to repeat bookings, it’s often easier for our clients to work with the same person, which can’t be guaranteed in an automated system. Our pickup services in dubai are, as you can see, catered on a very personal level.



Another important thing about keeping up with our fast-paced world, is that we need to adapt efficient payment options for products and services. Once again thanks to technology, our options are far away from the barter system, and onto debit and credit cards. We offer easy payment methods via both cash and credit card, so our clients have flexibility whether they are looking to pay for personal pickup services, or corporate.



We work well across both Android and iOS systems, and therefore are widely compatible and accessible. Our app is being continually tested and refined as well, so we may be on par with system updates as and when they roll out, which happens very frequently especially with Android. Our setup itself is very user-friendly and simple, so it doesn’t take time to load or get stuck. This is so our clients can also order emergency pickup services in dubai at a moment’s notice. We’re also committed to improving the app on a daily basis, so we can in turn assure you a seamless experience.