Why Retails Stores Should Get On The Bandwagon Of Express Delivery

Customers expect their purchases to be delivered quickly and it is up to the retailers to meet those demands. With so much competition out there, retailers cannot risk missing out. Everyone wants to be the default retailer and give their customers a superior experience. This means offering convenience, choice and quick service. 

Retail stores want a delivery choice that suits the needs of their customers. While retailers offer delivery strategies, some don’t offer it in the range that customers want and expect. People have easy access to the internet creating an insatiable desire and inspiring a trend of shoppers that don’t fit into the traditional mold of past customers. 

This new generation has a desire for connected and personalized experience that has left retailers trying to re-imagine the journey they need to create for their customers. This has put deliveries into the spotlight. A recent study showed that over 70% of retailers offer delivery options but do not guarantee after-hours and weekend deliveries. Customers want instant gratification and in most instances, same day service. The good news is that retailers can now hire reliable and efficient pickup truck services like Yalla Pickup that will cater to express delivery requirements. 

Did you know that 50% of customers abandon purchases because of poor delivery options? This shows retailers the importance of delivering goods to your customers to best suit their requirements. It is unlikely that customers will wait around for days for their goods to reach them, like in the past. And for customers who want express delivery and in the instance you cannot provide it, but your competitor can, you will lose out.

What retailers need to understand is that customers expect a high standard of delivery options. And surveys find that delivery timing encourages customers to shop more and return to the same store. Introducing an express delivery service such as Yalla Pickup will pave the way for goods to be delivered on time and for customers to enjoy greater satisfaction.