Relocation made easy – How to Pack fast and best

Moving home is inevitable for most people in Dubai. People move houses to accommodate their growing needs or when the lease expires on their rented houses. It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed by the whole process of packing when you don’t know where to start or how to do it properly. Everyone makes mistakes when it comes to packing their belongings, some of which may even cause irrevocable damages to their stuff.


Although it usually seems like a hassle at first, with the proper packing techniques, you can easily go through with your relocation with effective packing and with the help of efficient relocation companies in Dubai. Here are some fail-safe ways to pack your belongings to smarter, faster and cheaper –


Early bird wins

It is a good idea to start with your packing the day you decide to move.  No matter how good you think you are with packing, it will always take longer. Start packing at least two to three weeks prior to moving. And pack anything which you tend to use the least at first. It’s the right time to start with the delicate china set you inherited from your grandmother (which you never use by the way!).


Be a smart packer

Packing needs to be done smartly. Instead of packing all your toiletries in one bag, sheets in another and those bathroom towels somewhere else, pack a suitcase with all the things you absolutely need from day one. This will help you get settled in first and unpack later on.
Also try having a packing corner, from where you can grab all your boxes and tapes needed for packing. Bring the stuff you need to pack to this packing space and start to pack. Set everything you have packed neatly to a side instead of leaving packed boxes all around the house.

Follow the science of packing

The cardinal rule of packing is not to be heavy. Large boxes are for lighter objects like pillows while smaller boxes are perfect for packing smaller but heavier stuff like books. When you fill large boxes with heavier things it slows down the whole process of moving.

Likewise, when you are packing drawers and cabinets that cannot be dismantled, it is better to keep them filled. Utilizing empty spaces is a smart way to reduce the total load.

It is also important to label all your boxes on both sides so that you can easily locate things that go into each room once you reach your new place.

Pack by padding, stacking and rolling

To save on the number of boxes, use blankets as paddings to delicate items like crockery. Similarly, stack smaller things inside larger ones, like in the case of vessels or lampshades.  Another smart tip is not to pack the clothes you hang in your closet. Simply keep them on hangers, roll them a little and put it on the back of your car. You can easily re-hang them once you reach your new location.


The art of packing is not as tough as it seemed earlier, is it! The key to a fast move is to have everything packed before the movers from your relocation company arrive with their trucks. The more organized you are, the less hassle and time. It will also save you some money as moving is usually charged by the hour. Relocation is now made easy by smart packing and efficient movers in Dubai.