Moving Your Business? 5 Tips For A Smoother Move

No one likes moving. This is especially true for businesses, and moving day disrupts everyday life. You never realize how much of stuff there is until its time to pack it, carry it, move, unload and unpack it. When it comes to moving your business there is potential for disruptions. How can you move with minimal impact and ensure a smooth transition?

Inform your customers

Whatever the size or type of your business, your customers should know you are relocating. Relocation is taken as a good sign of growth. It also gives you a great excuse to contact previous customers or people who may have shown an interest in your business in the past. Clear communication is always helpful to minimizing disruption. Send out a newsletter or update your social media status. Let your customers know all about moving day, keep them in the loop; that will get them excited.

Change your contact information

Don’t forget to change your contact information before and after the move. Create a new page on your website that announces the move. Update social media profiles and business listings. Make certain your customers are informed well ahead of the move, so that they are not confused.

Communication should be disrupted to a minimal

When considering your business communication infrastructure, ensure you will have the same services at your new location and that it works just as well. Choose a provider that will help with setting up early communication.

Weekend is the best time to move

Nobody wants to give up their weekend to move, but the best way to minimize the disruption you may cause your customers and business in general is to move after hours. It will reduce friction.

Plan a safe move

Moving a business is not something you can do all on your own. It takes manpower and you cannot expect your staff to take on the complete responsibility of relocating your company. A moving company in Dubai will ensure your move is successful. Movers in Dubai are professionals at their job and relocation is what they do best. In order to keep your equipment safe, minimize disruption and make your move smooth and hassle free, consider taking on a relocation company.