Prepping Your Office For Moving In 3 Easy Steps

If you thought moving house was stressful, then you haven’t ever dealt with an office move. Believe it or not, office relocation is even more prone to shooting up your blood pressure, which is why the sooner you accept it the better it is. You’ll be able to kick into gear immediately, working systematically throughout the entire process so it’s as seamless as possible. It’s quite an important event, and the last thing you want is to incur any damages or losses along the way.


Aside from securing the right movers in dubai for the job, there are lots of other things you can do to ensure everything functions like clockwork. Trust us when we say that all it takes for a hassle-free move, is adequate planning and preparation. Whether yours is a large or small business, it doesn’t matter. The same rules apply. Here, you’ll see what you should begin doing and when.

LOCK IN A MOVING TIMEFRAME: In other words, figure out when you plan on moving. Is it a month from now? Two months? Six months? Whatever the timeframe is, what matters is that you have an idea of it. Otherwise, you’ll just be going round and round in an endless loop confusing everyone around you too. Don’t decide on a date more than 2 months ahead, because there’s too much leave way to change. 8 weeks is plenty of time to get yourself together, and that includes booking moving services in dubai as well as all that joyful packing you’ve got to do!


EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Though it’s important to talk to your movers, it’s also just as important to speak to everyone else involved in the move. That includes your employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and of course the landlord if you’re renting the place. It’s necessary to keep everyone in the loop, especially when you’re uprooting them from one place to another. Lack of communication is generally disastrous, so can you imagine what it’d do in a case like this? Ensure everyone’s on the same page, is updated and works in unison for maximum efficiency.


KEEP AN INVENTORY: Who said that inventories were only useful for logistics? As movers in dubai who’ve had our fair share of moving experiences, we couldn’t recommend this more. Particularly for corporate moves. You need to keep track of everything, including your furniture, assets and all other items that’ll be moved to the new location. Though you can of course store this on your computer, make sure you also keep a hard copy on you, so you can refer it when you need to. It would be a nightmare to reach the new office, only to find out that half your belongings are unaccounted for. Plus, with all the unloading and settling in you have to do, you won’t exactly be in the most ideal of circumstances to go hunting for them either.

An easy way to get all of this up and running, is to ask department heads to take care of their own departments. They can all then report to the main person in charge of moving. Not only is communication more streamlined this way, stress levels are also kept to a minimum!