How to Prepare For Your Office Move In A Month

So, you’ve really decided to move to another office for your business growth, and you’ve already done the first crucial steps from the preceding months. If you’re wondering what the next steps are that you should take, then continue reading through this blog to know about preparing for your office move when you have a month left.

Moving into another office is something that you should take seriously, and even with the help of the best professional movers and packers in Dubai, you also must play your important role in preparing for the big day. While the basic necessary steps are already done in the first three months which include onboarding your team about the move and booking with the movers and packers in Dubai, it’s time to take it to the next level.

These are the things you should put in mind when it’s a month before your move date:

  1. You need to start arranging the transfer of all utilities.

It’s best to arrange the utilities in your old office beforehand, even if you still have a month left before your office move. Contact your landlord and inform the specific date where your utilities should be disconnected (it’s best to set it on the day after your move). Likewise, start arranging the transfer of the utilities to your new office location and set it to be turned on by the move-in day.

  1. Announce and notify the moving date.

Your whole company and team aren’t the only ones who need to know the details about your move. Your clients, existing and potential ones each should know the new location of your business. It’s advisable to create a public announcement with press releases to inform the public of your new office address. Additionally, start sending emails to all your business partners and key customers to notify them of your new location. Make sure to also update your company’s website to reflect the new office location and phone numbers.

  1. Create a systematic guideline on packaging and labeling procedures.

Gather your whole team to discuss your moving preparations. This is also to ensure that the whole company gets familiarized with the correct packing methods and labeling codes. Here are the essential procedures that could help you get started:

  •         Create an inventory and tag all furniture, equipment, and office supplies that will be relocated to your new office. Segregate the items in accordance to which you’d like to sell or donate, or which ones that need to be recycled or thrown away, etc.
  •         Gather all the important office moving supplies, which can be done in a hassle-free way if you hire professional packers in Dubai to prepare your items for moving.
  •         Start archiving old files.
  •         Order new stationery and business cards.
  •         Determine security procedures for the move – be very careful with personal information, company data, important documentation, etc.
  •         Secure necessary parking and/or moving permits.
  •         Hire professional cleaning services to clean your old office on the day after your move.

Remember these things when preparing for your office move.