Running an office on a daily basis is hectic enough without having to throw in moving into the mix too. Unfortunately though, that is the situation in so many offices around the world. The chances of the company actually owning the premises themselves is rare. Most entrepreneurs only rent the spot, which often means that leases and contracts expire, leaving them in a last-minute scramble to re-settle.

The thing about a corporate move, is that unlike moving houses there needs to be a set protocol for the whole company to follow. Time is money, and the more time spent moving means less time actually working. So whilst the services of a mover company in dubai like ours at Yalla Pickup will no doubt be useful in making the transition, there are also a few things you can initiate within the company to ease the process. If you’re the owner or in any other position of authority, this is in fact your responsibility.


THROW OUT JUNK: Hoarding things you know you don’t need yet hold onto because… well, you just can’t bear to part with them, is one thing when it’s a home move. An office move however should be more practical than that. For starters, regardless of how big or small your new office space is going to be, holding onto clutter is just not a good plan. So whatever you haven’t used in a long time, throw them out responsibly. If you’ve got an excessive amount of garbage to get rid of, then contact the municipal council to help, since moving services in dubai don’t typically specialise in such matters.


SETUP QUICKLY: Yet again, it’s one thing to step over boxes for two months on end when moving house, but doing the same at office will just result in complete chaos. Just as much as packing needs to be done with meticulous planning and detail, the unpacking too should be carefully done. Don’t leave boxes lying around for weeks on end. Make sure you unpack as soon as you have moved everything. Better yet, start unpacking as the boxes come in since that way, there’ll be less boxes stacked around.


DELEGATE TASKS: Frankly, it’s not much different to when your team has to handle a task in general at work. Delegating can be so useful, keeping everything organised so you can effortlessly slip into your new location.Have one team to pack and co-ordinate the move with your chosen moving services in dubai, and have another team ready to unpack at the new location when the boxes come in. The same team can be responsible for cleaning and sprucing up the new location, so there’s no time wasted anywhere.


Whether you’re looking for home movers in dubai or someone to responsibly handle your office move, at Yalla Pickup we’ve got solution to suit every need. Let us know how we can help and allow us to exercise our expertise to take the hassle and stress of moving from you once and for all.