Office Move? 6 Tips To Reduce Moving Day Stress

Moving your office to a new place? Your business may be headed across town or down the block but if it is poorly managed it can become a big headache not just for the employees but also your clients. When there is bubble-wrap or foam everywhere it is easy to forget things and overlook important details. This will cost your company, may be even in terms of customers. How do you reduce relocation stress?

Early planning is best

Start planning early. Give yourself a few months before the actual relocation takes place. What items do you need moved, secured and what items do you need to dispose of? Get movers in Dubai to take over the relocation process. They will streamline all logistics and eliminate disruptions and hiccups. Ensure your employees know about the move beforehand. This will help them manage workflow more appropriately and effectively to ensure a smooth transition process.

Dispose or recycle old equipment

If you have old phones and laptops lying around now is the time to dispose or recycle them. Old office computers and phones should be safely disposed of to prevent environmental damage and protect the security of the company. Wipe everything clean before you decide to trade, sell or donate.

Weekend is best

For most business, especially small businesses it is not practical to take more than a couple of days to relocate. At most, you may be able to close shop for one day or over a weekend. Ensure all your customers know you are planning to relocate so they would understand why email or phone answering is slow. You can set up uninterrupted client support by designating just one employee as an emergency contact.

Divide your items

Movers in Dubai will conduct a thorough analysis of your items and divide them into essentials and non-essentials. Moving non-essential items first reduce downtime.  The boxes and containers will be labeled carefully to minimize any unpacking hassles. The essential items should stay in office until it is moving day.

Give your new contact information

Don’t forget to update all contact information whether it is on your blog, website, social media accounts and business listings. Always keep your customers informed well ahead so that your business transactions and services can move forward without any unnecessary delays.

Cost efficient and time saving

Hiring a moving company in Dubai will save you time and money. When it comes to relocation, it is common for businesses to be concerned about both these elements. Unlike the time it would take for you and your employees to pack, load and unpack everything, movers in Dubai are professionals and experts at relocation and would be able to get it done in less time. The result is assurance of no disruptions and improved efficiency to make your move smoother and easier on everyone.