What Not To Do When Shifting In 3 Points

If it’s time for yet another move and you’ve just about had it with the nomad life, well you may want to re-assess your moving strategy. More often than not, moving becomes a tedious and seemingly endless job because things weren’t as well-planned as they should’ve been. Scoff all you want at the concept of planning, but you’ll find that having at least some sort of plan in place will help offer some direction. This is actually true for anything you do in life not just shifting, so consider it life advice as well!

On that note, we thought of focusing on some of the most frustrating aspects associated with moving, like packing, calling up the movers in dubai, and then having to unload and unpack everything you spent so long packing in the first place. Given the typical moving process, it isn’t all that surprising that it’s one of the least favourite things to do out there, but sometimes it isn’t even a matter of choice. So if you want to hold onto your sanity through it all, perhaps these tips on what not to do will come in handy.



Even against their better judgement, people still for some reason, leave all of their packing till the last possible minute. As understandable as it is that between work and family you barely have a minute to yourself let alone pack, there’s an easy way to tackle this. Why not assign yourself a daily packing quota? So for instance, tell yourself you’ll take care of 2-3 boxes a day, and then systematically work your way forward. That way, you’ll not only pack smart and make life so much easier on not just yourself, but also have less hassle with the moving services in dubai.



Actually, we should probably re-phrase that. By all means pack all your belongings, but what we want to stress on is that you shouldn’t pack anything you haven’t used recently. That’s to say clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in the past 6 months, shoes that don’t fit and things you’ve not even taken out of their wrapping. Why waste space, packing materials and money on moving the same things up and down when you don’t even use them? A better and more practical idea would be to either host a garage sale and earn something while you’re at it, or donating to charity. Either way, you win.



As movers in dubai ourselves, we’d like to point out that packing is actually not upto us. Frankly, it’s not a responsibility we want to take on either. Whilst loading and unloading all your boxes will be done, we can’t really decide on how to pack your belongings. We could offer some insight on how to pack correctly, but we can’t do the actual packing for you. Which is why we strongly advise you to plan your move well in advance, and then break down your packing day by day. If you have any trouble with some of the items, we’re of course more than happy to help you out. Our primary concern is to see the safe delivery of your possessions from point A to point B.