Moving From An Apartment To A House? Why You Need A Checklist.

If you are thinking of up-sizing from a cheaper apartment or buying your first home, there are many things you may not be aware of when living in a full-sized home. It is exciting to say the least. You will possibly have new space and even a garden to enjoy. It can be an overwhelming process but the good news is you don’t have to get anxious. Here are some tips to make moving invigorating and fun!

Call in a moving company

Imagine if you can move all your furniture and belongings to your new house without the strains and stresses that are typically associated with relocation. What you need are experts on the job, which is why movers in Dubai with many years of expertise will make your move stress-free.

Take an inventory

Walk through your apartment with a checklist in your hand and tick everything as you go. What are the items you will be keeping and what will you be getting rid of? You may even find things that have been stored away that you’ve completely forgotten about. Now with the new space available, may be it is time to take them out.

Fill in the extra space

Remember your new house will have some extra space so you cannot leave rooms empty because you don’t have enough furniture to fill it with. Make it a fun day by researching some ideas and going shopping. Come up with a design and style for the new home, may be you can have a common theme running throughout the house.


Have painting day

Unlike your old apartment which you very unlikely painted, you get to paint your new house. Make painting a fun day, get your friends involved. You can research the colour, paint a room or even a yard. Throw a small party at the end of the day to celebrate a job well done.

Enjoy the outdoors

May be for the first time you will have your very own garden. This is one of the coolest things of moving to a house. A garden space is enjoyable particularly in the summer. How do you plan to set it up? May be you can have an outdoor table, some plants and even a barbecue once you have settled into your new home.