Movers and Packers: Parental Guidance Suggested

Living in a busy city means you also must get yourself constantly moving. Constantly moving means hassle. Hassle means stress. And stress means, well, something that you would very much like to avoid. Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way outliterally and figurativelyof this workload?

Yalla, there is. Movers and packers are all over Dubai… literally. It’s impossible to miss them unless you’re still stuck doing all the heavy work yourself. We suggest that it’s about time you sit back and relax as if you’re watching a motion picture when the movers come in their pickup trucks, not in shining armors. This is going to be more chill than a Netflix and chill session.


Our team of professional movers caters to all sorts of relocation services. Local, domestic, or international relocation? Yup! We’ve got it all for you. Our motion is rated G because it’s that accessible to everyone, may you be relocating alone, or with your family, or with a company.

RATED PG – PG100%.

Booking movers in Dubai are highly suggested when deciding on relocation, as we serve as parental guidance. Booking is easy-peasy with the Yalla app: you can just fill in us with the details by pinning on the map your location and set your preferred date and time, and it’s going to be Yalla for us. If you have any clarifications, we’ll also be more than willing to assist you. We offer Strictly Rated PGwe’ll firmly guide you, PG 100%. Our focus is on you, 100%. No less.


We’re not rated as Restricted. We may not feel you when you talk about how stressful relocating is (‘coz we’re just really good at that), we know that you have the need for help. You don’t know your exact address? We can find you when you pin your location on the map. We don’t know you, but we will find you and we will help you. We won’t be restricted by anything unless you restrict us.

Another thing that you’re looking for is safety with your items. As we’re Strictly Rated PG, our professional movers handle your stuff as if we’re carrying something fragile. The safety and security of your items are our core value, we will treat each of them with much care. Our team is well-equipped with training and knowledge on that area, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The packages are also strictly rated as PG as they are tailor-fit for your needs. Our storage solution is very much like a motion picture: it moves, but intricately transitions frame by frame. A smooth transaction with you is our priority.

This is as easy as watching a movie. We got the seats for you, VIP. Watch us move when we give you a show. You can even grab some popcorn with the whole family as you’ve got the best seats in the house. When the motion picture begins, and the opening credits roll in, you can leave your worries behind as we provide the best storage solutions. Really, just sit back and relax. We’re not even kidding, it’s that easy. Next time you know you’re already at the end of the motion picture.

Pick up the phone and we’ll pick up your items. Time spent on moving items can be spent somewhere else. You can even really watch a film or go for a Netflix or chill. Or you can even dance to Drake’s In My Feelings while we do the driving for you.

Leave the rest to us. Just book via your app and you’re all good. It’s that easy for us to get going. After all, we ’re not called Yalla for anything.