Move Your Office Without Hassle: Employee Guide

Moving offices are part of any business – either when your company is doing well enough to afford a bigger place or when the lease to your old office space expires. In any case, moving your office can be a bit of hassle even for you as an employee. Although you can get professional office movers in Dubai for most of the office shifting, as employees, there are a few things you are liable to take care of.


So what exactly is your part to play in moving your office? Most companies ask their employees to pack up their cubicle space, including all desk, cabinet and all personal items. Here is a list of things for you to do to make the moving easier without losing your stuff –


Talk to your manager


The first thing you must do is to ask your manager about any new rules or restrictions on the things you are allowed to take to the office. This will help you in packing just enough and just the right stuff for moving.  Come to a decision as to what you can carry to this new place and what all you want to leave behind, including old and unwanted documents. If you own green plants, it’s a good idea to ask to see the blueprint of the new office and the seating arrangements so that you will know whether your plants move with you (depending on the availability of sunlight) or not.


Packing your cabinet


Often, it is only prior to a move will you realize that your filing cabinet needs to be decluttered. The first thing to do is to make a pile of the documents you will need and the ones that can go in the bin. Ask your employer prior to the task so that you can tackle the task in a systematic way. Work according to the protocol – where you put the documents into three piles. You can take the necessary ones, shred the confidential but outdated ones and recycle the old and unwanted ones. Mark and place all your papers in alphabetical or numerical order in a box for easy access.  Keep the documents belong to ongoing projects on top so that you can access them without delay after shifting the office.


Packing your Desk


Packing your desk will be easier compared to your filing cabinet. You can easily sort your office stationery including the paperclips, notepads and pens. Remember to take only the necessary stuff with you when you are moving your office. If you have extra supplies that are unused, you can donate them to schools or charity foundations operating nearby.

Handling and packing equipment


If you use an office laptop, you can carry it with you to your home and bring it with you when you shift to your new place. In case you work on a desktop system, ask office movers, or the person in charge to carefully pack it and prepare for moving.


Taking care of personal items


Moving your personal items depends on the space allocated to you in your new office. Place l your things in a box marked personal prior to moving and take it home with you if they are not covered by insurance. Anything else can be packed, named and kept with the other boxes to be moved to the new place. You can discard anything which you deem useless at this point. Once your office move is complete, you can easily decide what item to bring and what not to.
Professional office movers can pack and move anything and everything in your office. However, it is always better to pack everything in your capacity on your own so that you don’t miss out or mix up anything. Happy moving everyone!