3 Ways Yalla Pickup Makes Your Life Easier

As an app and as a company that’s focused on pickup services in dubai, we’re consistently researching and considering innovative additions and developments that could be added now and in the near future for your convenience. Since our launch in May 2016, we’ve continuously worked towards the best, working tirelessly to bring you the Yalla Pickup app and what it’s become today. We’ve also expanded to businesses, especially helping young start-ups establish ground by delivering their products.


The Yalla Pickup app was based on a fundamental point: hassle-free services. And we mean to the extent of not even having to call us up, instead choosing to make your booking via mobile. It allows you to call the shots, deciding when you want your pickup/ delivery service, and how you want it to be done. These are some of our key strengths, essential in our growth and development.



Our members of staff, or rather those who are always out on the field assisting with the moving process or driving are packing experts, and they know how to load items in a way that the journey doesn’t destroy everything you own. We carefully and meticulously work our way with each item, ensuring they’re always handled with utmost care and attention. Our pickup services in dubai extend to a little more than simply ‘pickups’.



Got a last-minute delivery stressing you out? No need to be. Just let us know when and where you want us to come out to, and we’ll be there. Punctuality is something we also take seriously, as we don’t want to keep our customers waiting at any point. We also only recognise too well how important timely transactions can be from a business perspective, and assure our customers of complete transparency and punctuality at all times.



Whatever you might be looking to deliver, be it furniture, flowers or something else, our pickup services in dubai are versatile enough to accommodate them all. So if you’re a newly launched small business owner for instance, we can help you grow your business by delivering your products to your customers efficiently. We take the hassle out of moving in particular too, as we cover all of UAE and can have your belongings safely delivered. Utmost flexibility with our customers is our core strength.