3 Ways Yalla Pickup Can Help You

If you’re on the lookout for reliable, quality pickup services in dubai, then look no further than Yalla Pickup. Our unique services have been designed incorporating the modern day Dubai citizen, thereby ensuring we’ve factored in convenience and efficiency every step of the way.

Despite being quite a young company having launched in May 2016, Yalla Pickup has grown exponentially within a short span of time which has been heartening. With consistent encouragement from our Founder and CEO Elie El Tom, we’ve been able to expand our reach farther than initially anticipated, which we hope sets the pace for the years to come.

As such, take a look at some of the ways in which we can make your life easier on a daily basis.



We understand that whatever you’re transporting is important and valuable to you, and as such we make it a point to only invest in reliable, experienced drivers. Whilst they all have to undergo training after they’re hired, there are certain traits we keep a keen eye out for, which allow us to determine whether they’ll be a good fit for the company or not. Our recruitment processes are quite stringent and non-negotiable, and that enables us to maintain the highest standards possible.



We cater to both professional and personal pickup services in dubai, and we also understand that whichever of these you fall into, you’d benefit with flexible payment plans. We want to extend maximum convenience to our clients, and we pull out all possible stops to do so. This is one of them. With flexible payments, we’re able to offer our clients some leave way, further strengthening our relationships with them as well.



This may not be too useful for you if you’re after a one time service, but businesses in particular will find this to be the opposite. The ability to track history is highly beneficial, as sometimes it can be easy to misplace or lose records completely. These records are important for official records, especially when drafting financial statements as and when necessary. So if your business makes use of our pickup services in dubai quite frequently, then this is definitely a feature you’ll be thankful for.