3 Useful Features Of The Yalla Pickup App

Whether you’re looking for a transportation solution for your personal goods or office belongings, we at Yalla Pickup can help you with both. In a metropolitan city as vast and busy as Dubai, we understand just how frustrating it can be to navigate your daily life, and how it can be so much worse when you’ve got one of those impossibly stressful days.


The Yalla Pickup app catering to pickup services in dubai, was developed to help the Dubai community lead their lives with a little more ease and convenience. Our aim is to lend a hand to those who need to transport anything from point A to point B. The app has also bagged two important awards this year, which is testimony to our success which we’re immensely proud of.


Allow us to introduce you to the Yalla Pickup app, and why it’s so well-loved amongst our clients so far.



In-keeping with the 21st-century, we’ve made things easier by enabling automatic location pinning. This includes both where our trucks need to head to for the pickup, and where you want the goods dropped off. We completely understand that you might not always know the exact address, and you needn’t worry about it either. Our app just takes care of those details for you, ensuring smooth pickup services in dubai. You just need to secure the location.




There’s no need to scramble for the phone in the middle of work or when on the road because you suddenly remembered your forgot to book movers for moving day. You can simply add the date and time on our app, and change it when you need to as well. You can do it wherever you are, and without hassle. For short notice appointments, we do require a 30 minutes heads up so we can arrange everything well for you.




Unlike most moving services where you’re forced to go with whatever vehicle they decide to send, we allow you to take your pick as part of our unique pickup services in dubai. You may not always need a truck, and sometimes you need something bigger than a van. It’s all about your requirements, and at Yalla Pickup, we’re determined to meet them as best as we can. Our wide range of vehicle options are available for you, so you can book the one that suits you best.