3 Tips To Help Protect Your Belongings When Moving

Regardless of whether you’re moving for the first or the 100th time or whether you’re moving house or offices, you’d still be worried about the safety of your belongings. It’s only fair, especially if it’s a long distance move involved. And whilst at Yalla Pickup we ensure the best people as dependable movers in dubai to help you with your move, there are still a few things you can do too. Again, whether you’re a seasoned nomad or a rookie, we think you could pick up a few things to help you out.

Additionally, we should also mention that as both our vehicles and goods are covered by insurance, all our clients are fully protected. Our moving services are impeccable if we may say so ourselves, mainly because we’ve thought of every possible angle from the customer’s point-of-view.

Despite our newness, we’ve certainly done our research thoroughly and we’d like to share a few things we’ve learned along the way when it comes to safeguarding your belongings when moving about. Here they are:


TIGHTLY-KNIT: One of the main reasons most people suffer broken or damaged goods by the time they unload, is because they’ve packed too loosely. In other words, they’ve simply packed the items in, but not filled in the gaps. Seeing as how not everything will be perfectly square-shaped, this is something you should sensibly prepare for. You can use things like old towels, cloth, newspapers, bubble-wrap and other fillers to fit into the extra spaces. This’ll keep everything nice and tight, so they won’t move about during transit. We’ve done quite a few moving services in dubai by now to notice this as a common oversight, so avoid it.


BOX HALF-EMPTY: Well not exactly half-empty; what we mean by this is that you shouldn’t overpack any of your boxes. It’s not only bulky, but it can difficult for the movers to lift, load and unload. A good guide is to not exceed 40-50 pounds per box. If you’re packing things like appliances and other such items, then you’ll need to carefully think it through since they can be heavy. Basically, use smaller boxes for the heavier stuff and larger boxes for the lighter ones such as pillows, sheets and so on.


USE ORIGINAL CONTAINERS: Certain items like your television, microwave, glasses and so on probably came in specific boxes. If you still have the boxes, use them. The best way to transport such items is by using the original packaging they came in seeing as how it was built for that particular product. However, not everyone holds onto them so if in case you don’t have these boxes, what you can do is look for normal ones. Just make sure you get them a little bigger, so you can easily fit the item in without a problem. Again, you can fill in the gaps as mentioned before, to ensure a tight fit. It’s one of the most important pieces of advice we can offer you as trusted movers in dubai.