3 Tips To Help Cut The Stress And Pack The Mess When Moving

Leaving the home you’ve loved and known for a new one is an understandably frustrating and stress-inducing experience. In fact, for some people it’s one of the most stressful experiences of their lives. It’s even harder to pull yourself together and show the new buyers around the place whilst organising all of the moving, but as long as you remain level-headed, it’ll pass before you know it. Naturally, locking in reliable movers in dubai is one way to eliminate stress, whilst taking things step-by-step is also a useful piece of advice to bear in mind.

Whether you’re moving alone, with your partner or with kids in tow, as long as you stick to an organised schedule, you should be fine. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the simplest yet often forgotten tips that are invaluable when it comes to moving.


DE-CLUTTER THE CLUTTER: What on earth is the use of transporting items you’ve not used over the past year back and forth all the time? You’re only eating up space in the moving trucks, paying excess to have them moved, not to mention wasting your energy packing them and re-packing them. True, it might be tough to part with some things, but look at it this way: you could either do a good deed and donate them to someone needy, or host a garage sale and earn an extra buck. Then you can call up moving services in dubai and obtain a more realistic quote based on your needs.


START EARLY: It seems almost ridiculous to include this here, but so many people still leave packing to the last possible minute and mess everything up in the process, which is why it can’t be stressed on enough. Though you needn’t pack 6 months ahead, you do have to start at least a month in advance. If you’ve got kids, then you definitely need to be on top of your game. It isn’t easy coordinating everything for everyone at the last moment. From getting your packing equipment in place to ensuring you’re packing right to begin with, there’s a lot to wrap your head around, and with everyday life’s demands, you need to be more organised.



Again, so simple yet so overlooked. You must draft a to-do list to help you get by. Otherwise, you’re most likely to forget something or the other. Keep it on you at all times, so whenever you realise something new needs to be added to it, you can just whip it out instead of leaving little notes lying about everywhere that aren’t connected. Don’t think about the order, simply map out what you have to do, and then you can number them in the order they should be done. If you need to book relocation services in dubai, then add that in too. Anything and everything that’s related to the move should go on there. Just make sure you don’t lose it!

For our part, Yalla Pickup is always on-hand to help you with any and every part of the moving process. Just get in touch with us for anything you need.