Though only those who have actually moved will be able to relay the true pain of the entire process, the fact that it’s cumbersome is something that’s understood by all. Interestingly enough, it just takes a few strategic moves to help make it easier on everyone. The first comes in selecting the right movers to begin with. So when hunting up moving services in dubai, you no doubt have to consider a few key traits that’ll make your life easier. After all, that’s the whole point right?

Well, at Yalla Pickup we have added the power of technology to those traits, in order to increase efficiency and improve the quality of our services overall. We’re glad we did too, because we’ve found it’s not only beneficial to our clients, but in fact reduces stress on us too. Here are some of what we have on offer that makes moving much easier on everyone.


GOOGLE MAPS: Google Maps have become such an integral part of our lives nowadays that we can hardly remember a time when they weren’t around. So it goes without saying that we had to integrate it into our services. How does it help you ask? Well, we let you, the client, decide the moving route. In other words, you dictate to us, the mover company in dubai, where your pickup and drop off is, solely via Google Maps. No confusion, no misunderstandings and no frustration whatsoever. Everything is digitally mapped for your convenience. Best of all? Locations can be saved too so you needn’t keep re-entering them.


DECIDE TIME OF DELIVERY: We weren’t joking around when we said we really enlisted technology on our side to get the job done. With Yalla Pickup, you can actually decide what time you want the delivery to be done; even if it’s immediately, (though we do need upto 30 minutes in such instances). So if you need to be at work while someone else takes care of the moving back home, you can slot a date and time with us in advance. You can work with a peace of mind, whilst we take care of things on the other side.


SEVERAL PAYMENT METHODS: We’ve made sure to include as many different modes of payment as possible so we’re also a flexible mover company in dubai. We wanted to give our clients as much freedom as possible when it comes to time, location and of course payments, which is why we have many options on offer. Just select one that’s most suited to you and your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’ve got any questions on security or a payment method we may not have featured, just let us know and one of our team will be happy to help.

Since everything is automated, we guarantee high quality and prompt service, which is beneficial to both the busy housewife and businessman of the 21st century. Neither of them can afford to waste their time, nor spend it on the tiniest of details, which is why we’ve taken the liberty of doing it for you. Moving out? Give us a shout.