Our 3-step Packing Guide For Easy Moving

Unless you’re born a gypsy where your life is about constantly moving around, relocating is a thankless job. Just ask anybody who lives on rent. They’ll tell you. And you’ll most probably get an earful too, so be prepared! Sure once, even twice is bearable. Manageable even. Any more than that though, and soon enough you’ll wish you could just pack yourself to be shipped off to another planet.

As movers in dubai, Yalla Pickup understands only too well the frustration that moving can create. Most of this frustration isn’t in actually moving from point A to point B. No, it’s the packing that creates all of the hullabaloo. People absolutely hate to pack, and frankly, once you do it a couple of hundred times, it’s completely understandable why. After all, it involves an extended process, which is only made worse depending on how much stuff you actually have to move. Though yes, throwing everything into bags seems like a much more tempting idea, you know that you’ve got to pack everything up properly, so that you don’t damage any of your belongings. Here are a few ideas from us on simple packing and how to do it right.



Much as the OCD in you would like to ensure that every single item in your house is packed perfectly into boxes, well this isn’t really in your control. Not everything is shaped a perfect square, so you’re going to have gaps and spaces in-between your items. Don’t leave those as they are though. If you leave those gaps like that, when we pick up and move the boxes, the goods inside can move about and shuffle. Depending on what’s inside, they could break or damage. To avoid this, fill up the gaps with things like old clothes, towels or even old newspapers will do the trick. Usually, if we feel that any of the boxes have been loosely packed, we do let you know; we think it’s an important part of reliable moving services in dubai.  



In other words, you needn’t go out of your way to pack your clothes, since there’s a very easy hack that works quite efficiently. Simply leave them on their hangers, and cover them up with garbage bags. Done! Instead of taking all of them down from your wardrobe, refolding and stacking them up, you’ll find that this method saves you time and energy. Actually, for those families moving with kids, this is a lifesaver to say the least. Since the bags are there to cover the clothes, they keep them clean through the mover as well. Easy.



Basically the things you don’t need to typically use on a daily basis. Now don’t make this an opportunity to unearth all the things you didn’t use over the past year; you’re supposed to pack them away. That way, you’ll have done most of your packing by the time moving day looms closer. Then all we, your movers in dubai have to do, is whisk away your boxes and pack them up into the moving truck, as opposed to waiting about till you’re done with last minute packing requirements. What things can you survive without until you move to your new place? Let that be your starting point.