Your 3-step Moving Guide For Any Move

Moving isn’t always a walk in the park and frequent movers certainly have their work cut out for them. However, whether you’re moving home or office for the first or 100th time, it pays to pick up some easy moving tips that’ll help make your life easier. In fact, though yes, moving isn’t exactly rocket science, you’ll be surprised to know what the right tricks can do. There’ll be a lot less stress on your plate for starters and secondly, you’d be far more organised and embrace ‘organised chaos’. Which, is something that’s quite easy to deal with comparatively!


Here, we’ve listed out some of the best and most useful moving tips that we think will come in handy for your next move. If not for you, pass it onto someone else who might find it useful. At the end of the day, as movers in dubai we can confidently tell you that organised clients are hands-down the most efficient to work with as they make life easier not only for themselves, but us as well. Needless to say, that makes us better in the process too.


SETUP A MOVING CALENDAR: Let’s be clear on this one; we don’t mean literally a calendar that moves, although that’d be cool; we mean lay out a calendar that’s got all your moving tasks in one place. So instead of scribbling things on pieces of paper and spare napkins that are lying around, you can just glance up at it in one go and know what your plan is for the entire day, week and month. Actually, it’s useful for your brain to compartmentalise what it has to do in relation to a certain task. Since you’re looking at it in one go, the chances of you missing something out is rare.


SETTLE YOUR UTILITIES: If there’s someone else moving into the premises you’re vacating, then you needn’t stress yourself over this one very much. If however there isn’t, then you need to call up all the utilities which includes water, electricity and gas, and ensure they disconnected them at the right times. Too early, and you’ll be living like a caveman till your move. Too late, and you’ll be paying excess. While you’re at it, ensure utilities are all set up at your new place as well. As much as secure moving services in dubai are a must, so is this.


PACK AHEAD OF TIME: If you’re anyway the sort of person who’s timely and works like clockwork, then you’re fine. Others however aren’t exactly in this category, so it helps to pack ahead. Not that you need to start all your packing this early; just the stuff you don’t typically use every day. That way, when actual packing day rolls around, you’ll have at least some of it already taken care of, shaving off valuable time from your already tight schedule. Things like clothes, shoes and other items around the house that aren’t frequently used, can be put aside.

Aside from these, it’s also important to pack correctly. It’s tough for us movers in dubai to move exceptionally large and heavy boxes, so bear that in mind when you get started.