3 Efficient Packing Tips

It’s easy to think you may be quite organised, clutter-free and decidedly ahead of everyone else in the same, until you need to move. Only when you need to begin the dreaded task of packing do you realise just how much useless junk you’ve been hoarding all this time. And as much as it might seem easy to get rid of it all at first glance, once you begin sifting through the pile, you’ll find this easier said than done. But, if you want to move sensibly, you’re going to have think sensibly and though yes, nobody really likes to think sensibly, sometimes, it’s the only choice we’re left with.

One of the main reasons it’s important to wade through this mound, is that it makes life easier for when you need to book moving services in dubai. We don’t presume you’d fancy paying to move all the things you’re going to donate/ sell/ get rid of soon after moving? Hence why it’s a good idea to begin with clearance, before you start to pack. The less you have, the less you need to pack, and the less you pack, the less boxes you need and the less boxes you need, well the less labour and moving trucks you’ll need which, all in all saves money down the line.

So while you’re thinking of how to get that garage sale up and running or which charity you’d like to donate your belongings to, allow us to offer an extra tip or two on the packing front.



Well to be more precise, of the wiring. You don’t really need a picture of your T.V. or home theatre system per se for instance, but you’re definitely going to need it when you unpack and begin settling into your new place. No matter how much you think you’re going to remember it, don’t delude yourself. Most often, people tend to forget at least once crucial little detail that makes everything else irrelevant. Why waste time and add unnecessary stress to an already anxiety-riddled situation, when you can simply take pictures that show you which wire goes where?



Seeing as how we’re movers in dubai and therefore tend to do a lot of moving about on a regular basis, we do see a lot of wastage in terms of packing materials. Aside from the fact that this is a colossal waste of money particularly if you’re a frequent mover, it’s actually really harmful for the environment. So unless you’re the resourceful kind who likes to pack up their packing items for the next time, we strongly advise you to go with clothes for safety padding. Instead of bubble wrap for instance, you could use clothes to protect your items. Not only does it save some money, you also don’t pollute.



This one’s of course provided you remembered to make a checklist before everything kicked off, because if not, then it’s a little late to make one now. If you did though, then use it to tick off all your to-do items. For starters, make sure you’ve included everything you need to pack on the list, and that it is indeed, all packed. There are people sometimes who call over the movers in dubai, only to find that they’ve not really finished up with the packing, and so the movers have to waste time lounging about till they’re done. Be considerate, and make life easy for everyone involved by running over your list once or twice over to be sure you’ve taken care of everything first.