3 Common Packing Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you’re moving houses or moving offices, both are equally stressful and both need equal amounts of preparation. Unless you’re planning stuffing everything into garbage bags and lugging them about, you’re going to need to get your moving skills going. Actually, if you’re the sort of person who’s hyper-organised, you’ll find this to be a fun, challenging exercise. For those of you who aren’t, well you’ll need to swallow your feelings about it and just get it over with.

One of the main parts about moving, is the packing in itself. In fact, if you pack wrong, you’ll find that so many problems just seem to crop up out of nowhere. Your precious items are at risk of damaging and breaking, you could spend extra on your movers in dubai and you also spend more on packing supplies. So, the first place to begin is with your packing, and how to do it right.

These are some common packing mistakes you should steer away from:



Sure living life spontaneously is great fun and everything, but when it comes to things like this, having a plan can be what keeps your sanity intact. Better yet, having a packing plan will not only help you work systematically through your list, but you can also divide things up between weeks and then between days. That way, you can get a little bit done everyday, and not feel overwhelmed. Plus, when the moving services in dubai get there, it’ll be far less chaotic resulting in higher efficiency naturally.


PACKING WITHOUT SORTING: While yes, it can be easy to move through each part of the house/office packing each room up, you still need to sort out all of the items accordingly. You need to pack the breakables with bubble wrap and other padding, without dumping them altogether with the rest of the stuff. Work your way through everything, so you can also figure out what you no longer need, and can either donate, sell or chuck them. You can’t simply load everything you see into a box and call it packing; that’s not packing.


NOT HAVING AN ESSENTIALS BOX: This is basically applicable for when you’re moving house. It’s important because the last thing you want, is to rummage about in every single box for your essential items like toiletries for instance. Besides if you’re moving with family, you want to ensure that everyone stays put. Spending all day with your movers in dubai, loading and unloading can take a lot out of you and all you’re going to want to do at least on that first night, is to wash up and hit the sack. Plus, there’s no knowing when you’ll get around to unpacking and sorting everything out, so unless you plan on rotting in a corner until you do, you’re going to need your essentials box.

Another packing mistake we’ve always come across, is heavy items in large boxes and light items in small boxes. Whilst the latter is not necessarily a problem, believe us when we say that even attempting to lift a large, heavy box can make you feel like you’re coming on with a hernia. So instead, pack heavy items in smaller boxes and light items in bigger boxes; it’ll make all of our lives so much easier!