3 Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Moving involves a lot of time, planning and careful execution, but even then, sometimes, something somewhere ends up going wrong. Naturally this can be incredibly frustrating, especially since you thought you did everything possible to ensure this would not happen. But, there’s no need to beat yourself up excessively; you’re human after all, and things do go wrong on occasion. Instead of wallowing in it though, the sensible thing to do, is figure out how to not let it happen the second time around.

On that note, we at Yalla Pickup have decided to lay out some of the most common moving mistakes we’ve come across, that can be easily avoided, so long as you remind yourself of them. If you tend to move about often, then you’ll actually find this list to be incredibly useful. Consider this a part of our moving services in dubai.



It’s always a smart idea to keep tabs of your finances in any case, but when it comes to moving, you should be especially watchful. You’re already incurring a lot of expenditure as it is, and instead of trying to track down all your expenses and all those elusive bills, why not ask us to come by and give you an estimate? Tell us where you’ll be moving to, and if you can’t particularly list out all the items you want moved, we’re happy to head down and take a look ourselves. That’ll also be easier for both parties as we have a very clear picture of what’s what, allowing us to give you an accurate estimate.



Do you really need all those boxes of clothes that you haven’t even laid eyes on for the past year? We tend to accumulate and hoard a heap of stuff that we simply don’t need, so watch out for that. It’s an exhaustive cycle to fall into. Get rid of things you don’t need early on. Either donate, or sell. Plus, it’ll reduce the amount you have to spend on movers in dubai, since you’ll have less boxes and things to transport as well. Less energy wasted, less costs and everyone’s happy all round.



This sounds almost unbelievable, but it actually does happen more often than you’d think. Sometimes, people get so carried away with all of the responsibilities leading up to moving, they forget to secure a suitable date for the actual day. Ideally, you should be locking in a date that’s well spaced from now till your moving day. Of course in some instances one might be faced with unavoidable circumstances, in which case there’s nothing for it; but what we actually mean is, when possible, do so. You might not even be able to book moving services in dubai in time if you leave that to the final day too. You’ll just be at the height of inconvenience, so why make life unnecessarily harder, when you can get it done so much more easily!