3 Benefits Of Storage Services

As one of Dubai’s leading providers of truck rentals as transportation services aimed at delivering our clients’ goods from one location to another, we at Yalla Pickup have dealt with a fair few scenarios that have expanded our expertise. As such, one of the most common queries we’ve come across for both personal and professional reasons, is storage. This is mostly because, often it can be quite difficult to transport everything at once, especially if they’re moving houses for instance. The new home doesn’t always have room to move all one’s belongings in until some of it’s unpacked; and during that transition, you naturally want everything to be carefully and safely stored away.


Yalla pickup specialises in pickup services in dubai¸ and our app’s taken the city by storm. Bagging 2 awards in 2017, we couldn’t be more proud of our concept and team, which collectively have helped us get this far. On that note, we’re always looking out for ways in which we can lend a helping hand to our customers that goes beyond picking up and delivering items. Hence, here are a few benefits storage units can offer, for those who aren’t entirely sure of what it entails.



Corporates may find this to be more of a benefit than those who hire storage units for personal use, but it’s still a benefit nonetheless. Organisation is key for efficiency, so if your home or office is too cluttered, it becomes near impossible to get any work done without losing your mind. It’s easy to accumulate all sorts of paraphernalia over time, and you don’t always have enough room to keep them on-site. This is where storage units come into play. Look for something that fits your size requirements, and once you find it, make sure you pack everything very well for protection.



If you’re better organised, eventually you save time, and are able to achieve more. In other words, instead of wasting time looking for something or the other consistently, you’d be able to instead focus on what really matters. This is incredibly useful for businesses, since higher productivity is everything. It improves revenue and at some point profits, which is what the end goal is. With pickup services in dubai as reliable as ours, you needn’t worry about packing up what you don’t need, and sending it out to storage. We guarantee reliably and safely transporting them.



In both personal and corporate scenarios, storage units have proven to be invaluable. For starters, if you’re someone who always moves houses, it’s highly likely that you’d lose a few belongings in between. For offices the same applies, but there’s also the added benefit of securely storing some items away from the office premises. Files, folders and other goods can be transported, allowing more space and clarity within the office itself. In both cases, as you can see, there’s enhanced safety to help put your mind at ease. Our pickup services in dubai will take care of the rest.