What to Do With Your Unwanted Items When Relocating

Planning to move? Getting rid of all your unwanted items can pose to be another relocation problem. But you don’t have to worry about because we have compiled a list that will show you how you can get rid of your unwanted items.


Sell Them Online
Selling old furniture and household items have never been easier. With classified websites, you can sell anything from the comfort of your bedroom.

If you live in the United Arab Emirates, selling things online is quite easy and there are plenty of choices available to you. Dubizzle is perhaps the most popular choice for buying and selling of fairly used items.

The process is quite simple – register on the platform, upload some clear pictures of the item you want to sell and write a catchy headline and brief description, and within a few hours your phone will start ringing.

However, make sure your description is as truthful as possible. If you give a false description of your item, people will reject it at the point of inspection.

There are other classified and e-commerce websites in the UAE, endeavor to do research to find out the one that is most suitable for you. You can also list your item on more than one website so as to increase your chances of selling them off faster.


Organize A Moving Sale
If you have a spacious yard, then you may consider organizing a moving sale. This has some advantages over online listings because it guarantees an instant result.

Firstly, your neighbors and other invitees can pay for the items that they are interested in at the spot. This establishes some level of trust between you and the buyers.

Secondly, it allows for direct communication between you and the buyers, and potential buyers can actually test the items that they want to buy before bargaining.

However, you require space to be able to pull this off. In addition, your sale may be disrupted should there be bad weather.

Yard sales also require your presence to show the buyers the items as well as answer any questions that they may have. With online sales, you can communicate with prospective buyers from the comfort of your home or office. It doesn’t disrupt your regular routine neither does it require setting aside special time to be able to sell your items.

That said, if you have space and time, a yard sale is a good way to get rid of unwanted items when planning to move to a new home.


Give Away To Family, Friends, Or colleagues
Give away is another way to get rid of unwanted items when moving out. Think of your family, friends, or colleagues that may need some of your items. They may be thrash to you or maybe you don’t have a need for them any longer but to this person, they may be gold. Let them know that you still value the items but will not be needing the items since you are moving to a new home.

If you don’t have anybody in mind, you can try the freecycle method. Just create a small signpost listing the items you want to give away and encourage anyone who is interested to contact you. You can also use any of the popular classified websites to showcase the items that you want to give out.


Donate Them To Charity
This is the easiest and perhaps, the most humane way to get rid of unwanted items. Moving can be a stressful process, organizing a garage sale or answering inquiries may just be another workload added to your existing ones. Donating to charity will help you get rid of your unwanted items without going through all that stress.

In addition, by donating to charity, you are actually helping those who need these items but don’t have the means to get them. When donating, make sure you are donating the right items to the right organizations. Some organizations take only clothing items while there are others that accept household items, and so on.

Also, remember that it is more honorable to donate an item that is still in a usable condition. Make sure that the items are cleaned up and well packaged. Apart from charity organizations, you can also donate to schools, libraries, and other such clubs and organizations.

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