Be A Pro With Your Office Moving

Moving to your new office can be really stressful if you do not plant it right. When it comes to shifting your workstation, you really don’t get enough time to unpack everything slowly as you have to get back to work at the earliest. So it is really important to plan everything in advance and get the best office movers in the city to help you go through with the tiring process. Here are a few suggestions that can help you with your office move-

Setting the furniture
Before you plan the move, study the new office floor plan to get an about what furniture goes where. It will also help if you prepare a rough draft of how you wish to place the furniture, especially the desks. Number the furniture and the rooms on the new floor plan to help you remember the placements once you are done with the move.
The next important thing to plan is mapping your employees to their new seats. Teams must be placed together while individuals can work from any spot given. Make an excel seat and pass it down to all the employees get an idea on their seating and ease the burden. Start the planning the furniture setting and employee seating at least 3 months beforehand to lessen the last minute work and confusions. This will also ensure that your office works are also completed on time, without the move coming in way of any deadlines.

Professional Movers
Hire professional office movers who are good with their job. Research and find the appropriate moving company to do your job systematically. Set a timeline for all major tasks and schedule the move with your moving company in different time slots. This will ensure that your work will is not hindered during the move. Make sure that all pieces of furniture and electronics are insured and instruct the moving crew to handle them accordingly.

Take care of the packing
When it comes to packing, you can inform the employees to clear their desks and pack all their personal stuff into boxes and be responsible for the same. Once they are done with it, you can ask your movers to dismantle the furniture to help with the move. Make sure to number each box so that it will be useful for reopening and reassembling once you are at your new office.

Stay Connected
Do not forget to apply for a new phone, fax and internet connections at your new office. If you are holding onto the old numbers, make sure to work with a technical expert to do the necessary procedures. Make sure your new place is well connected before you move in so that the employees can resume with their works without a lag or delay.

Official Address
Make orders for getting new letterheads and business cards with the new office address beforehand. This is very important for the smooth functioning of your business. Email your clients and leads and inform them of the change and the date of effect. Further, update your corporate website with the new address for all future contacts.

Secure your workplace
Your workplace must have an efficient security system. Make sure everyone in the company possess the necessary key, access cards and any other hardware they might need once you are done with the move. Data integrity and maintenance is very important for the smooth functioning of your business, so make sure that all internal security systems are also in place.

The final checklist
The final checklist is the one everyone misses out. Check whether all the desks have been emptied, and supply cabinet has been cleared. Check whether all electronic item has been disconnected correctly and packed properly. Clear the clutter and check whether all the items with old office address have been scrapped and new ones are in place. A final checklist is a quick round up of making sure you have met all the requirements and are good to go with the move. Make sure everything is in a box before the furniture movers are ready to load their truck.
And when it’s finally time to make the move, do it like the professional you are.