How to Prepare Your Home for the Arrival of a Mover Company

So, you have hired a reliable mover company in Dubai and the scheduled date is approaching. You have taken the right step but for things to go as smooth as you would want them to be, there are a few things you should consider doing.


Even though you have hired someone to do the job, it is still your property that is being moved. So, taking extra precautions wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Here are a few things you should do to reduce the risk of damages. Following these tips will also help the mover company you hired to do a hitch-free job:


Clean and Organize Your Items: Prior to the moving day, it is important that you clean and organize the items to be moved. Unscrew some furniture and put small items and bolts in sealable bags. It is also important that your souvenirs, artworks, and fragile materials are wrapped and packed before the arrival of the movers. This will save them time and save you the headache of having to call the company for damages after the relocation.


Label and Color-code the Boxes: Though the mover company in Dubai that you have hired will label all items as they pack. It is necessary that you label or color-code all items that you packed by yourself. It is also good that you leave specific instructions on boxes that you want to be handled with utmost care.


Keep Confidential Documents and Items Separate: If there are items or documents that you wish to transport yourself, endeavor to separate them from the rest prior to the arrival of the movers. Things like personal documents, personal gadgets like laptops, digital camera, artwork, jewelry, and phones.


Prepare Furniture and appliances for Moving: Before the due date, you should also endeavor to remove all items from drawers, and cupboards. Beds and other pieces of furniture with covers should be left bare. If you have appliances like refrigerator, dishwashers, you must make sure that they are empty. And the fuel tank of equipment like the lawn mower should be emptied.


Make Plans for Your Kids: On the scheduled date, everywhere may be in chaos and your focus will be on directing the movers to get the job done. That is if you are available to do so. So, it is necessary that you make arrangement to leave your kids with a relative or a close friend until the movers are done. If you don’t have a close friend or a relative to leave them with, make arrangement to have a babysitter look after them during the packing process.


So, if you are preparing to move, the above tips will help you prepare for the D-day. However, if you are considering hiring a mover company in Dubai, Yalla Pickup is a leading provider of moving services in the UAE. Feel free to reach out to us or download our mobile apps for seamless booking.