How To Load The Pickup Truck Just Right

Did you know that there is a method to loading a pickup truck? When you call your home movers, you see them keeping aside a few boxes first and load others in. You see how efficiently they pack the truck, with no loss of space. You see them checking the weight of a few items and deciding on the right way to load them. All this makes you think that probably loading a truck has more to it than what you knew at first! Movers load their pickup trucks in Dubai by following a set of rules for efficient loading and moving.

Curious to learn more. Here is a list of things your movers check prior to loading their pickup trucks-

  1. Load goods according to their truck’s payload limit

As moving involves hauling very heavy loads, they always check the weight of the cargo and make sure it never goes above its payload capacity. A trucks payload capacity is the amount of weight it can carry. This is obtained by subtracting the truck’s curb weight from its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) which is available in the vehicle manual. Movers never carry more weight in their vehicle than their payload capacity. This includes both human beings and cargo. If necessary, you will have to run more than one trip to move your whole lot of stuff.

  1. Pressurize the truck tires

Pickup Truck tires are adjusted by adding air pressure to the tires. This compensates for the extra weight during the moving. Too much of weight can make the tires bulge, leading to reduced steering capacity and high-speed handling. The truck manual has estimates of the appropriate amount of air pressure to add depending upon the load expected to carry.

  1. The proper way to pack

When it comes to the actual loading of the truck, there are many ways to do it. However, there are some general guidelines followed to keep the cargo safe. The movers usually load the pickup truck like this-

  • Heaviest items are loaded first and kept nearest to the truck’s cab
  • Lighter boxes are stacked on top of the heavier ones to avoid crushing
  • Nothing is stacked too high
  • Weight is made sure to be distributed evenly from left to right
  • All boxes and plastic containers are taped to avoid flying open during the transport.
  1. Cover up the cargo

Movers know that it is important to cover up all the cargo once they are onboard. A thick weatherproof trap is used to cover everything on a pickup truck in Dubai, so as to shield it from dust and sand as much as possible. It will also protect your items from flying off the vehicle.

  1. Strap Down

Using heavy duty ratchet straps, the movers tie down all the cargo into the truck bed. Tie-down straps and anchor points are important to secure the cargo. Ratchet straps or cargo nets are used to safely fasten down all the cargo load before moving.

So that’s it folks – the science of loading a pickup truck in Dubai by your expert home movers. Book your movers today for a tension-free home relocation.