Great Tips To Find The Perfect Movers And Packers In Dubai

So it is decided – You are going to move to your new home in a month!

You have already started with the prepping and packing to move all your stuff to your new home. But have you hired your movers and packers in Dubai just yet? If you are having doubts about calling on some random home movers or hesitant to trust them, here are six steps for you to ensure that you find your perfect movers and packers in the city.


Dubai has a fair share of movers and packers both local and national. To find out the right company for your needs, you have to set your priorities first and start your research. Reputation is very important when it comes to such companies. A company with great reviews and testimonials can be trusted in most cases as they are certainly people who’d strive to keep up with the quality of their service.

Try to get references from your family, friends or co-workers as they can also provide good references to these companies, sometimes with the first-hand experience.

Compare the reviews

Before zeroing down on a movers and packers company, do some additional checking like comparing reviews of two different companies. There might be local forums which can help you compare between different services. This will help you know whether the moving company has any serious complaints filed against them.

Check if they are insured

Check the company’s website to see if they are licensed to provide the service. Never opt for a moving company without a license or insurance even if they offer a lower price for the service. Unlicensed or uninsured movers are not really reputable and they cannot be trusted. Also, check if your personal items will be covered by insurance by your home movers during the move. Some movers and packers provide supplemental moving insurance which you can buy to ensure that all your belongings are covered.

Talk to them

There is a limit to the information that the website can provide. When you have more or less zeroed on a movers and packers company, you can directly call them up or meet them in their office to clear all your doubts regarding their service. Ask about their licenses, insurance coverage. Ask if there are any hidden costs involved other than the initial price quoted.

Check whether they have a Tracking system
Any reputable movers and packers will have an inventory list of things, including the number of boxes and furniture and home appliances that are to be moved. Such an inventory ensures that none of your stuff is stolen or lost during the transit. It is important for your moving company to have a tracking system which helps them be ready for any unforeseen issues.

Get a good quotation
The final step is to ask them to give a good quote for moving your things, depending upon the number of boxes or pieces of furniture that needs to be moved and based on the hours of labour needed to move. Ask them for specific costs before signing the contract. Make sure that there are no hidden costs involved.

So that’s about it! Find your movers and packers in Dubai today by following these simple steps. Good luck with your move!