6 Tips for Preparing Furniture for Office Movers in Dubai

Your organization has made the difficult decision to move its operations to a new location. Maybe you are moving to a larger office space to accommodate more employees or you are considering running costs such as rent and other overheads.

Whatever the reason is, there are some measures you and your team should put in place to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Remove All Items From The Drawers

Items in drawers can be a nightmare during relocation. Firstly, leaving files and items in drawers makes the furniture heavier which in turn increases the cost of haulage.

It also makes the process unsafe as the risk of injury and damage increases.

Furthermore, it could lead to, misplacement or loss of files and items of importance. So, make sure you empty your drawers before the arrival of office movers in Dubai


Map Out An Office Or Floor Prior To Relocation

Before the relocation date; it is very important that you or anyone handling the relocation project visit the office space to map out the office and sitting arrangements. This would help your office movers in Dubai to put things in the right place.


Buy Or Order New Equipment In Advance

Whether you are expanding or just moving to save cost, chances are you would need some new furniture for your new office.

To make sure everything goes hitch-free, it would be wise to order the new furniture you will need before the relocation so that everything can be set up at the same time.


Unbolt Office Furniture Before The Scheduled Date

Although good office movers in Dubai can help you with the unbolting of furniture, some companies may charge you for the time spent in doing it.

So, it is advisable to do it yourself prior to their arrival. And while you do that, make sure that bolts nuts and tiny furniture parts are properly stored in a plastic bag and attached to the respective pieces of furniture from which they were unfastened.


Hire a Professional Office Mover

Hiring professional office movers in Dubai can be the difference between a blissful relocation and a nightmare.

If you want to have a stress-free relocation, then, getting the best office movers company should be one of the steps you take when moving to a new office. The company you should work with must be reputed for rendering office or commercial mover services.


Label All Furniture And Boxes Accordingly

To avoid confusion during relocation, boxes containing furniture, files, and appliances should be labeled accordingly.

For every piece of office furniture, there should be a corresponding box or boxes containing important office files, equipment parts and other content specific to various drawers, office and/or team.

Labeling office furniture and pieces of equipment would also help the movers to easily identify where to place them to avoid moving later on.

You can get the suppliers to send it directly to your new office to avoid an additional moving charge.

Want to work with the best office mover in Dubai? Get in touch with us to take the hassle off your move.