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Select pickup and drop off location via google map

You decide where from and where to. Just select the locations on Google Maps and we'll do the rest. You can even save locations for future orders!

Schedule the delivery

You don't just decide where, you decide when. Yalla Pickup is available for all your transportation needs, when you need them; everything from immediate pickup (within 30 minutes) to a convenient time of your choosing !

Track history of your orders

An ideal feature for businesses: Any deliveries you order will be entered into an account that you can track: history of invoices, delivery notes, account history, progress reports, orders completed, and much more. Put your transactions on cruise control with Yalla Pickup !

Live Tracking

Track all your deliveries under one screen and receive notifications every step of the way.

Select payment method

Just as you aren't limited by location and time, Yalla Pickup offers you several payment methods for convenience and ease. No bumpy rides with us!

Meet the Yalla Pickup Team

Yalla Pickup - Pickup Truck Services

Did you see an exciting item at the mall? But, how do you plan to transport it? Or, maybe you have some new furniture you need to get to the office. What about that very heavy item you need moved right out of your home and into a storage facility? What you need is an exceptional transportation service to cater to all your transportation needs.

Finding a pickup truck in Dubai has never been easier. The application can be freely downloaded onto your iOS and Android phones. You just have to click on the 'where from' and 'where to' buttons and pick a time and date, and the pickup truck will be at your service. It is immediate, efficient and effective with easy payment methods available through cash or credit card.

We realize the stress and anxiety that accompanies any kind of moving. And we want you to feel completely relaxed and stress-free on moving day. Our services are fast and efficient, and from packing to clearance we've got you covered.

Relocation Services

As a leading relocation service, our quest is one of perfection and professionalism characterized by an endless pursuit for focus and innovation. We aspire to exceed the expectations of our clients by offering a comprehensive range of value added relocation services, customized to meet your exact needs.

With a qualified team of relocation experts we are skilled at handling relocation for both homes and offices. Our proficiency ensures that individuals, families and business organizations are efficiently and effectively brought back to the state of normalcy, post-relocation.

We understand that relocation is a thorough process that involves planning, timing and immense coordination. We understand your specific requirements and utilize our professionalism to provide you with the right solution.

Our clients expect trustworthiness and reliability and we are happy to provide both. We fully understand the challenges of relocation and you can trust us with your prized possessions. Whether you want to move locally or internationally, or you are moving within state we will cater to all these needs.

Storage Solutions

We also provide full storage solutions to our clients who may be trying to declutter existing homes, or are in between homes and counties. Whatever your requirements, we can service you with our moving and storage facilities.

If you have storage requirements, let our team know and we will find the best solution for your move. It may be short term storage for personal belongings or long term storage space, we are happy to offer both. This will help you not worry about packing and focus on other responsibilities.

Relocation or moving is a team effort, and whether it is a single person, family or professional company, our goal is to make it a complete success. We have had a front-row seat in this diverse country and we have helped hundreds of people prepare for their moves and transported items of various natures from one location to another through our pickup truck services in Dubai.

With our wealth of experience and expertise you can be assured that our high quality service will give you peace of mind and ensure that items, storage and shipment are handled carefully and professionally.

Home Movers

We can understand how difficult it must be to shift your house to a completely different setup. It takes a lot of time, effort and most of all you need to get in touch with a company who would help in loading and unloading heavy luggage. We at Yalla Pickup offer the best services as Home Movers and would guarantee to provide high-quality amenities. Our friendly group of Home Movers will help you from packing to cleaning and guide you through every step of the moving out process. We assure you that the journey to your new home would be smooth and definitely a time saver! We hope Yalla Pickup as Home Movers proves to be the perfect choice for you and your family!

Office Movers

In the midst of developing a business, we know how challenging it could be to move to a location that you might not be familiar with. In such a situation, all you need is the ideal company who would act as Office Movers and help you move out of your workplace. Under Yalla Pickup, these Office Movers are a group of well-trained professionals who promise to not make the entire process tedious and time-consuming. Office Movers ensure that they are in charge of the inventory list so that the employees can concentrate on their work and leave the rest to our agency.